About Chawker

Chawker & Co provides coherence and control to financial assets in a cost effective manner. We are investment and wealth consultants who achieve better investment outcomes for our clients by establishing what needs to be achieved, selecting the best of breed to deliver the optimal outcome and then ensuring it is achieved at the right price.

  • Established March 2011
  • Recognised as Top Consultants in 2015, 2016, 2017 by thewealthnet, a leading UK private wealth trade publication, and noted for the delivery of succinct thoughtful advice.
  • We cover public markets, private markets, credit, real estate and alternatives.
  • We will help you establish investment goals, risk parameters and clarify investment objectives to your advantage.
  • We provide periodic reviews, project work and work as retained advisers. We are only paid by our clients with no payments from investment managers.

Why Chawker?

We think obliquely and creatively to provide you with the solutions you need rather than the products that others want to sell you. We have no products but we are really good at listening thereby working out what needs to be done in the best possible way.

What we can do for you

Our value add is creating the genuine confidence that your financial affairs are in good order, are appropriately positioned and that you are paying a reasonable price for the products and services that you need. We deliver peace of mind and free up your time so that you can live contentedly.

Key client benefits

Our impartial advice is invaluable. We work for you and relish the responsibility of being held accountable for your success. In a world that is beset by conflicts of interest we stand apart by making your interests paramount.