“Edward Goodchild is a rare animal in the world of investment advice and wealth management. He has the skills and experience to offer sound advice, combined with a wonderful way of presenting facts and opinion in an accessible way, using plain language and unambiguous supporting material. He is also intelligent and modest enough to say “I don’t know” when necessary, without ever letting clients feel abandoned to make their own choices.”

“Edward Goodchild has established himself as a leading ‘go to’ family office advisor, confident with a broad cross section of clients, untrammelled by products or politics and, where it’s needed, unafraid to speak with genuine candour. This is backed up by hands-on industry experience and a natural understanding of those other advisors who strive to embody all that is best about our industry.”

“Edward has advised our family and family office team on our liquid fund portfolios. I have always found Edward to be extremely approachable, helpful and wise. He has a real ability to explain, the not always digestible, the in’s and out’s of the investment world with great clarity, simplicity and (most essentially) good humour. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Edward and trust his no-nonsense, refreshingly clear, well informed advice in a world that tends to lean towards over complicating things unnecessarily. In summary, a true professional and a true gentleman.”